I suppose the first phrase which comes to mind when I see a brightly coloured orange image, is the phrase, “The future’s bright..”  You would need to have been in the UK a few years ago to understand the reason for that, though.  Which just goes to show the power of advertising.




Two symbols.

We know what they are, and what they mean.  Do they mean something else here?

A symbol is a sign which represents something else.  A red cross might suggest an idea, or even an ideal.  The symbol ‘2’ might represent a duality, the possibility of another.

We identify with symbols (flags or crosses, for example).  They give us a basis for understanding who we are, what is our place in the world.

Does the placing of a symbol within a frame constrain it?  Placing two disparate symbols within a frame could alter the meaning of both.  Or could it?