Step by Step – Snow

Over on my black and white blog, Monochromatical, I recently posted a photo taken on a snowy day at a bus stop in London.

I have huge admiration for photographers who venture out in inclement weather, but I am not one of those photographers.  That photograph was taken on a damp, cold, but not snowy day.  Here’s how I did it.


Above is the original colour image.  It was uninspiring and, to be frank, a little dull.  When I took it, I knew that I would eventually use it as a black and white, though.



So this is the black and white conversion, but it doesn’t look bleak enough for the way I had pre-visioned it.



After some dodging and burning, I felt it was getting there, but still not quite bleak, and the white bit of sky is a bit annoying.  What it needs is snow!



So, after making a snow brush (yes, really) and fiddling around with huge amounts of snow, I decided on just a drizzle of flakes blowing in the wind.  The blank sky is still annoying me, though.


So some black snow in the sky, and it is finished.