Step by Step – Snow

Over on my black and white blog, Monochromatical, I recently posted a photo taken on a snowy day at a bus stop in London.

I have huge admiration for photographers who venture out in inclement weather, but I am not one of those photographers.  That photograph was taken on a damp, cold, but not snowy day.  Here’s how I did it.


Above is the original colour image.  It was uninspiring and, to be frank, a little dull.  When I took it, I knew that I would eventually use it as a black and white, though.



So this is the black and white conversion, but it doesn’t look bleak enough for the way I had pre-visioned it.



After some dodging and burning, I felt it was getting there, but still not quite bleak, and the white bit of sky is a bit annoying.  What it needs is snow!



So, after making a snow brush (yes, really) and fiddling around with huge amounts of snow, I decided on just a drizzle of flakes blowing in the wind.  The blank sky is still annoying me, though.


So some black snow in the sky, and it is finished.


2 thoughts on “Step by Step – Snow

  1. I like the technique and the results. It reminds me of what I did with a couple of images. I mess with the world using a camera. I have a bridge camera, Samsung Smart Camera, Galaxy, 21X. When it is snowing I can get nice shots of snow in the air with it. It is particularly nice at night with the flash for stopping flakes and rain drops (some streak.) On a night shot, one can use the magic wand tool to select the flakes or drops (easier to select the black and then invert the selection) copy them and overlay them on another image. One then has the challenge of fuzzing them or leaving them as is. However, I am now going to try a ‘snow brush’ Thank you.
    Warmest regards, Ed


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